Air Trek Air Ambulance, one of the Nation’s oldest air ambulance services, is a family owned and operated air medical program that has been providing aeromedical transportation service since 1978.

Air AmbulanceAIR TREK AIR AMBULANCE is a full service air ambulance and commercial repatriation service who is fully licensed by State of Florida Department of Health.

We are dedicated to providing top quality medical transportation service to our patients. We work with registered nurses, paramedics, surgeons, physicians, doctors, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best medflight service possible.

All air ambulance teams are specially trained in flight physiology. This means they are uniquely qualified to handle special situations that arise at altitude.

  1. Air Trek is a family owned service that prides itself on personalized professional aeromedical care and patient satisfaction.
  2. Air Trek is one of the nation’s oldest air ambulance services. They have provided aeromedical transportation to critical care patients for over 30 years!
  3. Air Trek is NOT A BROKER! We are licensed as a Florida Air Ambulance Provider. We own and maintain all of our aircraft, medical equipment, and employ a staff of full time pilots, nurses and support personnel.
  4. Air Trek’s Aeromedical Transport Specialists have extensive training in critical and aeromedical care and attend monthly training sessions to remain current.
  5. Air Trek’s jet aircraft use state-of-the-art fan engines that create less environmental noises while allowing us the capability to use smaller more remote airports. This helps decrease the ground ambulance transport times and charges. Our jets are operated by two Co-Captains to ensure additional flight safety.
  6. Air Trek has its own FAA Air Carrier Certificate (Part 135) allowing it to operate within the entire Western Hemisphere, including Cuba. Our regular response areas include Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, North and South America.
  7. Air Trek is one of the few air ambulance services who carry Aircraft and Medical Professions Liability Insurance. Would you want to fly with someone that didn’t?
  8. Air Trek provides personalized bedside to bedside Transport to ensure patient’s continuity of care is maintained throughout the transport.
  9. Air Trek’s pressurized twin engine and jet aircraft have an exemplary record for safety and reliability. Each aircraft is professionally maintained on a regular basis and all work is documented.
  10. Air Trek will verify the patient’s insurance coverage to determine if they qualify for any insurance reimbursement. We want to ensure the least out-of-pocket expenses possible.